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How to Make a Wine Cork Trivet


How to make a wine cork trivet.


Supplies & Tools


31 Wine Corks – all the same height

1 ½ yards of 7/8th inch-wide Ribbon

Hot Glue Gun and Glue

Fabric Scissors

Fine Sand Paper

Sharp Serrated Kitchen Knife

Cutting Board




  1. Cut each wine cork in half with the kitchen knife.  Try to cut as close to the middle as possible, so each will be the same height. 

  2. Sand the rough edges smooth and even out the height.

  3. Arrange the wine corks in your desired pattern.

  4. Flip all of the corks over, then start by gluing the center line together.  A thin line of glue along the side is sufficient. 

  5. Then glue more corks, one by one, onto that center line until they are all glued together.

  6. Start gluing the ribbon to the outside edge of the trivet.  Squeeze a thin line of glue between each cork (one at a time) and then press the ribbon into the crevice using a flat tip screw driver so you don’t burn your fingers.  Let the last line of glue cool a bit before gluing the next (so you can pull the ribbon tight).

  7. When you reach the end, trim the ribbon, apply the final line of glue, and press the end into the crevice.


Set your favorite fall dish or casserole on your new trivet and enjoy!


Stay tuned next week for another DIY Cork Craft!





Post By:   Noelle Cook