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Holiday Gnome Cork Craft

DIY Wine Cork Gnome Ornament



Glue Gun

1 Wine Cork

1-3 Different Fabrics

String – Cut to 8 inches

Small piece of faux fur about 2 inches wide to 3 inches long

1 Wooden Bead

1 Small Pom Pom



  1. Cut your first fabric choice to fit around the cork and glue to the cork (see picture)

  2. Time to make the hat.  Cut a different type of fabric in a 3x3 inch square.  Fold over the string and tie in a loop.  Glue it to the corner of the fabric (see picture)

  3. Glue the fabric to make a cone that will fit ½ inch over the cork.  Set aside

  4. Glue the fur over the seam almost to the top of the cork so the fur hangs down over the edge. (see picture)

  5. Glue hat over the top of the cork all the way around. (see picture)

  6. Glue wooden bead as close to the hat as possible

  7. Glue a strip of fabric around the hat so you have a brim.  Try to cover just a little bit of the nose.

  8. Lastly, glue a pom pom to the top  and you have a super cute Christmas Ornament that was easy and inexpensive.





Post By:   Noelle Cook