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July 27, 2022

Lag Phase - time of invisibile growth inside the grape


March 30, 2022

Wine has been aged in oak for years. Learn how that oak affects the quality and flavor profiles of the wine.


March 23, 2022

We love a good charcuterie board paired with our wines. Here is why they go together well.


March 8, 2022

Here is a breakdown and description of Washington State's many AVAs.


February 16, 2022

Red Wine & Chocolate the timeless combination - read about how to pair these delicious treats.


January 10, 2022

Noelle shares the healthy benefits of wine.


December 8, 2021

Noelle shares a great holiday wine pairing menu.


December 1, 2021

Spice up your Holiday celebrations with this great Sangria recipe


November 17, 2021

Need something crafty to do with those wine corks?

Here is a cute holiday decoration that is easy to make.


October 25, 2021

Love to get crafty with wine corks - here is a an easy craft for you.


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